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Have a script or idea you are dying to get made? Get in touch by sending your script in the first instance. We are an small unfunded company but we are always looking for scripts to develop.

Right now our projects in development are:

Cold Callers by Mathias Triggs

Gold and Silver by Carly Jukes and Mathias Triggs

BiBiBi by Mathias Triggs

We have just completed our first short Faces of the Dead by John Foster.



In 2016, we teamed up with Funky Sputnik Productions to produce Cold Callers by Mathias Triggs

'The Call Centre with not so cold callers'

A group of individuals hang together in a call centre trying to convince the public to buy solar panels to save the world....or are they trying to save themselves?

You can watch our pilot on Amazon Prime 

and on Twisted Mirror TV 

Our series is now in pre production. For any queries contact Ian Taylor

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In 2016, we produced an all female production of Antigone at the Hope Theatre in Islington. We are thrilled that our show Antigone adapted by Brendan Murray was voted as one of the top shows of 2016 by London Pub Theatres.



We enjoyed partnering with High Storrs school in Sheffield to offer a creative workshop on our play Paradise Road and to speak to the drama students about running a company. If you are looking for a schools/ college workshop get in touch. Our next show is Uncle Vanya and we are offering a workshop on this to GCSE and A Level Students.

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Here are some reviews from our past projects:


‘The most thrilling thing about this revival is that the piece comes across as very funny. But in the brilliance of the humour the magic of the human predicament is never lost.’

London Pub Theatres- Uncle Vanya


‘You are laughing at one moment- and in my case- crying your eyes out seconds later.’

London Pub Theatres- Uncle Vanya


‘All the acting is of the highest order.’

London Pub Theatres- Uncle Vanya 


‘The direction of James Stone is to be marvelled at. The way he marshals all humanity in such small space is nothing short of genius.’

London Pub Theatres- Uncle Vanya 


‘Special praise must be heaped on Brendan Murray’s adaptation. He just seems to have got everything pitch perfect. ‘ 

London Pub Theatres- Antigone


‘The adaptation by Brendan Murray is taut & beautifully rendered’ 

London Pub Theatres

(Antigone voted best fringe show of 2016)


‘four tightly directed scenes bursting with emotion.’

Spy in the Stalls- Uncle Vanya


‘driven by a kind of energy and commitment that make it hard not to become invested.’

Spy in the Stalls- Uncle Vanya 


‘Accessible, well-acted, and engaging’

Spy in the Stalls - Uncle Vanya


A faithful rendition, contrasting dreary country life with the frustrations of romantic desire.'

Act Drop- Uncle Vanya


'There's a sense of claustrophobia that reflects the characters' situations in the dreary normality of unremarkable and unchanging rural existence.'

ActDrop- Uncle Vanya


'Polished and engrossing'

ActDrop- Uncle Vanya


‘Lively and futuristic all-female take on an ancient classic’ 

The Stage- Antigone


‘It thoroughly intrigued me from start to finish’ 

There Ought to be Clowns- Antigone


‘For audience members out for an evening’s intense drama, nothing could be more rewarding’

British Theatre Guide- More Light

'I want to see more!!! This is hilarious and just hope they can make more so that we can really get to know all the characters!'

Amazon Prime- Cold Callers

'Dry and Witty. Hilarious and original. Would make a brilliant series.'

Amazon Prime- Cold Callers

Cam Harle Photography


Our most recent show at the Hope Theatre was voted 5 stars by London Pub Theatres and nominated for an Off West End Award for Set. If you want to find out about touring this show to your school or venue do get in touch!



During lockdown we created a You Tube comedy web series Dupris and Durrell. We wanted to work with new actors and create roles that were interesting and diverse.

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